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CALL US TODAY! 520.490.4000

Lillie Nefwani

Lillie_head shot     Lillie, born and raised in Tucson has developed an appreciation for our jewel in the Desert. After graduating high school, Lillie sought out to follow her passion for modeling and fashion. After working as a model for over a year and being featured in a national commercial, Lillie headed back to Tucson where she was offered a job as a Licensed Insurance Agent. After working as an Insurance Agent for a few years, Lillie was approached with an opportunity to work as an admin assistant on a Real Estate Team. After spending over a year learning the admin side of Real Estate, Lillie decided to use her knowledge to become an even stronger Real Estate Consultant.

Lillie’s personal approach and enthusiasm makes her an ideal advocated for her clients. In paying close attention to detail and listening to her clients needs, she provides exceptional customer service to get results. She prides herself on dedication, determination, patience and listening skills that allow her to form trusting client relationships.

Lillie loves living a healthy lifestyle and is very much into fitness. Hot yoga, hiking, biking and kick boxing are just a few of the many different types of activities she enjoys. Lillie is a proud Big Sister with the mentoring organization Big Brother, Big Sister’s of Tucson and enjoys being a positive influence in her little’s life. Grateful for the opportunity to have a little, Lillie hopes to soon create a program to inspire and encourage even more young girls.

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