Rightsizing Made Simple

Rightsizing is a term The Danny Roth Team developed because of the growing demand of senior home sellers. Since Tucson is a great place for people to retire we have helped hundreds of clients retire into great homes. We all know downsizing means looking for a smaller home because of different life events, like retirement.  We consistently use the word Rightsizing because most families are having their parents or grandparents move in with them and their kids are moving back home to save money. They are selling their home and buying a bigger home to accommodate the three generations.  Guest houses or guest quarters are very popular with the family living together.  Downsizing still exists but Rightsizing is happening more often and will continue to grow.  When Seniors move from their home  that they have occupied for several years, they are overwhelmed with the amount of STUFF that they have.  Danny has developed a resource team to help with the entire process from A to Z.
Packing and Moving
Pet Caregivers
Estate Sales
Reverse Mortgages
Bridge Loans
And Much More
Rightsizing is a program developed over years of helping people move into a great home and coordinating the process of shifting lifestyles. Call today for your FREE no obligation inquiry about the Right Sizing process and how The Danny Roth Team can help you with your Rightsize effort.

Our Listing Plan

COMPLEX MARKET RESEARCH – Discovering the true price at which your home should enter the market requires in-depth research. This research usually takes several hours and is the most comprehensive research in the Tucson real estate industry. Call Danny for a better understanding on exactly what The Danny Roth Team can offer.

MARKETING STRATEGY by targeting buyers who are interested in your style homes, we strategically market your property based on research.. Since no two homes are exactly alike, our marketing targets potential buyers who should be unique for every listing we handle. Few Tucson Realtors do this effectively, and even fewer do it the Danny Roth Team way! Most use a cookie cutter approach for every listing. Using the same strategy for a $100k home and a $1M home. This is simply the wrong way to market properties, we give each listing a custom approach.

Danny Roth Sells Homes

INTERNET MARKETING Internet marketing is only as effective as its content. We offer a unique way to advertise and market homes for sale. Our team is highly proficient at Internet marketing, both through search engine optimization and social networks and media. Our website gets thousands of visitors per month, ranking it among the top sites for Tucson real estate information and keywords.

We have skilled partners who are certified in advertising via Facebook and other social networks. DON’T be fooled by other agents touting Facebook “Likes” as a social media strategy. “Like” do not sell homes, targeted ad placement does.  This type of specific, targeted advertising only became possible within the past few years. Few Realtors have even heard of it, much less know how to use it. We have been able to dominant it for real estate sales, gaining a competitive advantage for our clients.

OPEN HOUSES help to get more people into your home. Most agents will not perform open houses because they believe they don’t work anymore. The Danny Roth Team is different. We believe an active approach is always better than a passive one. Open houses are still very effective and always will be. We have a pool of agents to hold your house open and we are more than happy to accommodate in holding your home open.

We provide a professional color Custom Flyer that we distribute on the For Sale signs and through internet marketing.  Most agents do not provide this service because they feel it to be too expensive.  We also have a very inexpensive way to stage your home.  We like to put a tux on your home to give it the best chance to sell at the highest possible price in the shortest amount of time.



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