Why Tucson Home Sellers List with The Danny Roth Team

Why The Danny Roth Team

The Danny Roth Team is unmatched in its services and expertise. We focus on your goals and use one of our many tools to help you achieve them. Please review some of the services we offer our clients and call with any questions.

Flip the Home You Own is a program which is unique to The Danny Roth Team. Danny has over 80 different contractors to repair or renovate the home to raise the value to its highest possible sale price.  The team is also able to obtain materials at 30%-40% lower than the average homeowner. This program has taken years to master both in execution and in effectiveness. The Danny Roth Team is the ONLY team in Tucson offering a service like this to Tucson Home Sellers. Before you list a home in “as is” condition, contact Danny at 520.490.4000 to see if you are a candidate for the Flip the Home You Own program.  

Flip The Home You Own



What if you could have the home you are selling remodeled to meet the demands of today’s buyers with no out of pocket expense?  Sounds too good to be true, right?!


With our Flip The Home You Own segment of the Designated Real Estate Consultant program, we will teach you how to do this, whether you are a real estate agent, homeowner or real estate investor!

There is an easy to follow, step by step process that shows you how to accomplish this with a financial investor who is willing to partner with you to bring the property to its highest and best use.  The remodel is done with a buyer in mind, using all the upgrades and renovations that we know buyer’s are looking for from their new home purchase.  That means a quicker sale, for more money to the homeowner!


Let us show you some before and after pictures and explain how we can drastically increase the value of your home.  Once again, this can be done without any money out of your pocket.  We have a menu of listing techniques to choose from to match what is best for YOU. 

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